sexta-feira, junho 08, 2012

Chuva chegando

The rainy season has arrived.

terça-feira, fevereiro 07, 2012

Not my picture

I stole this off Facebook.

sábado, fevereiro 04, 2012

Federal Army

This helicopter belongs to the Feds, according to my better half. Nice
night for it...

National Guard

Black helicopter circling Pituba on Saturday afternoon.

More Internet finds

Floating around the Internet

Not my picture

This was the scene on the Paralela on Thursday afternoon. The story is that some of the striking police stopped the buses, took the keys and took off. The result was a huge traffic jam, massive smash and grab opportunities taken, and mass panic. There were newspaper photos taken of the suspected strikers shooting into the air and huge masses of people walking down the Paralela away from the mess. Friday was the Friday of fear, stores closed early, there were more mass robberies, looting of local stores so that only shelves were left over, and everywhere you went there was a general feeling of hurry and stress in the air. Schools canceled classes and at the supermarket they had turned off the conveyer ramps to get down to the parking lot, forcing those doing their shopping to walk out the side ramp with their groceries and circle around to the parking the long way. Major events and concerts are cancelled for the weekend and the national guard has been called in to restore order. We even made the national news (though not NPR) - the first time that has happened since I moved here. Great first impression, yes?

sexta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2012


This has been floating around Facebook for a few days. Considering the amount of trash produced in these event gatherings turned excuse for a party, I think this is one of my favorite characatures in a long time.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 02, 2012


One can ask Iemanjá for favors and throw flowers for her into the
ocean. When I arrived this morning, there was an enormous line to put
one's flowers in a basket to be rowed out in a boat into the bay and
dropped where they were sure to stay. Many people just throw them into
the water from shore, and the sand is littered with wishes for several
weeks. It's also littered with trash every day of the year.


The beach in the morning is already crowded. It's only 6am.


Iemanjá's colors are blue and white.


The small pink building on the far right is the temple.


Fire works dot the sky beginning as early as 4am.


Today is Iemanjá's day. The day begins with blessings and ceremonies
on her beach near the temple when this picture was taken. By noon it
is an all out Carnaval with food, drugs and rock and roll. Don't miss

sábado, janeiro 21, 2012